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Teacher Resources: Librarian's Resources

These resources are primarily for the use of the Region 12 library team.


The boxes in this column contain links to book-related information for librarians.

Blogs and Wikis for Librarians and Other Book Lovers

Book and Magazine Sources

Covering Paperbacks

Nonfiction - Six Genres

Informational text: Shares information.

Procedural text: Explains how to do something step-by-step.

Biography: Tells the story of a person's life.

Nonfiction narrative: Tells a story of real life events.

Reference: Explains or describes information concisely.

Persuasive Text: Seeks to persuade the reader to do what the writer wants.


The boxes in this column contain links to information literacy resources.

Copyright Resources

Library Curriculum Samples and Resources

Library Skills

Multimedia Resources

"Extra" TED and NPR Talks

Transitioning to College


The boxes in this column contain links to professional resources for librarians.

Classroom Management

Evaluation and SLO Info

Library Design

Meeting Schedulers

PowerPoint Slides

Professional Organizations, PLCs and Social Networks


Teachers Pay Teachers for Librarians

Staying Cool in the Library
Elementary Library Mama
The TrappedLibrarian
The Primary Techie
The Library Patch
Susan Morrow
Mrs. Lodge's Library
The Nifty Librarian
Teacher's Unleashed
The Apple Basket
Library Learners

Videos about Books and Libraries

Webcasts and Webinars