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7th Grade - Argumentative Essay: Home

Resources for your "Giver" project.

Resources for Contemporary Literature and Composition


Writing an Argumentative Essay

This LibGuide features resources that will help you investigate a topic, collect, generate and evaluate evidence to support your claim in an argumentative essay. Enjoy the search!


Here are just a few of the books available at the SVS Library. If you don't see your topic, search our catalog by clicking the icon on the left.

Explora (database)

‚ÄčExplora provides articles from a variety of sources, including magazines, newspapers, and reference books. This database is a good place to start your research. Watch the following short video to learn more.

Pro/Con (free web) is a nonprofit public charity that has no government affiliations of any kind. The purpose of the organization is to provide resources for critical thinking and to educate without bias.

Cite Your Sources with NoodleTools!

SIRS Issues Researcher (database)

SIRS Issues Researcher is a student reference database containing thousands of full-text articles exploring social, scientific, health, historic, business, economic, political and global issues.

Issues & Controversies (database)

Issues and Controversies explores more than 800 hot tops in business, politics, government, and popular culture.

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