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Research Help: Research Help

This guide provides information on how to conduct a research project from the essential question to the analysis.


Welcome to the SVS Library's Research Page

"Google is not a synonym for research." ~Novelist Dan Brown

Break the google habit!

  • Use the resources on this page to locate authoritative information for your research project.
  • When in doubt, ask your librarian for help!

Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose. ~Zora Neale Hurston

Research IS: 

  • Driven by a question or problem 
  • Seeking information with a clear goal in mind
  • A process that works best when done step-by-step
  • Searching and searching again (re-search)
  • Going beyond facts and old ideas
  • Taking a new look at the information and taking a stand

Research is NOT:

  • Copying and pasting information you find through a Google search
  • Combining a paragraph from one article with a couple of paragraphs from websites. That's plagiarism.
  • Writing a "report"
  • Rearranging facts

[Special thanks to Meg Omainsky for permission to adapt her research guide]


It is important to choose the right database for your task as databases typically cover specific topics and/or time periods. READ before you click to save time in accessing the database that best meets your information need.

Tips and Tools for Searching the Free Web

Searching Wikipedia?


Search Wikipedia

Keep in mind that Wikipedia is an open-edited source.  Credibility varies.  Always:

  • Double check facts.  Go ahead and use Wikipedia to start your research, but do NOT cite Wikipedia as a source.
  • Take a look at the External Links at the end of the article.  They will often lead you to reliable organizations and research sites.

To  learn more, read this E-book from ResearchReady.

How Wikipedia is Redefining Research Infographic