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Copyright Friendly: Sound

Find copyright-free music, photos, film clips and music for your school projects.

Copyright-free Music Resources

undefinedCopyright-free Music and Sound Effects

Copyright-free Music and Sound Effects

What do I need to do to use a song in a presentation?

To use recorded, copyrighted music in a presentation, you will need to obtain permission from the songwriter (who owns the rights to the song itself, but generally grants those rights to a "music publisher" to administer those rights) and the record company (who owns the recording of the song).

How can I find contact information for songwriters and music publishers?

To find contact information for music publishers, go to the following organizations. Songwriters belong to only one organization, so you will need to check all three to determine which "performing rights society" represents your particular songwriter.

How can I get permission to use music from record companies?

Big record companies use centralized offices that "clear rights for" (another way of saying, "give permission to use the works of") the numerous labels they represent. For smaller labels, look for the address on the back of the CD.

Sample Letter

Sample E-mail Message Requesting Permission to Use Music in Your Presentation


Hello.  My name is ___________________.  I am a senior at Shepaug Valley School in Washington, CT.  One of our graduation requirements is to complete a year-long senior project culminating in a presentation to classmates, teachers and community members in June.  My senior project topic is _____________________________.  My final presentation will include a _____-minute video/slide show.  Approximately ______ people will be in attendance. 

I am writing because I would like to use the song, _______________________, performed by ______________________ in the background of my presentation.  I understand that I need permission from your company to use more than 30 seconds of this song.  I am hoping that you will grant me that permission or advise me of what forms I need to complete in order to proceed.  Please e-mail me at _______________________.  Thank you.

(Sign full name and school e-mail address)