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6th Grade - Digital Citizenship: E-Mail Etiquette

Here are websites, film clips, and activities to help you learn more about online safety and cybercitizenship.


Did you get my email?

How to email your teacher

E-Mail Etiquette

Be sure to keep the following rules of e-mail etiquette in mind when writing to a teacher or professional person:

  • Always include a subject 
  • Include a salutation (Dear________, Hello ________,)
  • If requesting an interview, provide possible times that you can meet
  • Do not write in all caps; it is the equivalent of shouting
  • Include a closing (Sincerely, Thank you, Best wishes,)
  • Always use proper grammar and spelling (e-mails are NOT texts!)
  • Refrain from using smiley faces or other emoticons
  • Include a signature

Top Ten E-mail Transgressions

Avoid the following email transgressions!

1.  Forwarding an off-color joke

2.  Detailing a personal mishap

3.  Writing a message in capital letters

4.  Spreading gossip

5.  Discussing personally sensitive issues

6.  Criticizing another person

7.  Complaining about work or one's boss

8.  Using e-mail to dodge discussing difficult situations face-to-face

9.  Going into detail about your own or another person's health problems

10. Arguing with family or friends

11. Using "reply all" when not everyone needs to read the message